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All About Antikewl Daily

Antikewl Daily exists to provide you with a regular source of entertainment and inspiration. Your body needs them, just as much as fruit, vegetables and regular exercise.

It’s a magazine dedicated to video games, illustration, movies, cartoons, design, photography, ideas, gadgets and, very frequently, Disneyland.

A brief history

1998: Replaced as a playground for Trevor May’s web experiments.

2001: Became Trevor’s personal blog.

2003: Evolved into Antikewl Daily, albeit without much focus and terribly infrequent updates.

2006: Antikewl Daily becomes much more like the one you’re reading now with more of an emphasis on inspiration, design and ideas.

2009: It’s reborn! Antikewl Daily gets the first design of its life.

Trevor May

Trevor is a visual interface designer for interactive media in Brighton, UK. He also makes badges which he sells at his Etsy shop, Pinbunny.