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Video games that sounds dirty, but aren’t

Video games that sounds dirty, but aren’t.

Disney’s response on Destino and Legacy DVDs

I thought I’d drop Disney a line to find out what happened to the Walt Disney Legacy Collection DVD set and, more specifically, the Destino DVD. Sadly, I still don’t know much more:

“At this time, we do not have a DVD release date for DESTINO. We will forward your request for release to our Marketing Department for consideration. No additional LEGACY COLLECTION releases have been announced.”

Did I dream the Destino DVD box mock-up that was, until recently, displayed on the Legacy site?

Human Computer Interaction in Science Fiction Movies

Human Computer Interaction in Science Fiction Movies (via BoingBoing)

Super Mario Wedding Cake

Super Mario Wedding Cake: It’s been around before but this is the first time I’ve seen it — entirely edible too!

Brighton to Install Free City-wide Wifi

Brighton and Hove city council is considering installing a free-to-use wifi network covering the whole of central Brighton next year. Interestingly they didn’t approach Loose Connection or who already have a free wifi network covering much of the seafront. Further away from home, Mexico City is also scheduled to become one big wireless hotspot by the end of next year so soon you’ll be able to play Tetris DS anywhere you like.

Walt Disney Treasures to Continue

Walt Disney Treasures to Continue: Talking of Disney… It looks like they’re not going to stop the Disney Treasures DVD series after all. The next wave, released in December, will include “Disneyland: Stories, Secrets, and Magic”, “Chronological Donald: Volume 3″, and “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit”. Interestingly, Oswald and Disneyland were originally scheduled to be released as part of the new Disney Legacy Collection, but have since been removed from the official site. There’s no sign of the elusive Disney/Dali “Destino” DVD now either — it too has been removed from the Legacy site.

Carrying a Sketchbook

Storyboard artist Mark Kennedy offers advice about becoming a better artist: Carry a sketchbook! Part one, part two. (via Blackwing Diaries)

Comic Strips: Newspapers 0, Web 1

New Zip for the Old Strip: “If Schulz started out today he wouldn’t have bothered with a [newspaper] syndicate. He would have taken his strip straight to the Web, and we would be watching Li’l Folks specials every year at Christmas.”

Disney release another butchered/remastered DVD

The current trend in digital remastering of animated classics has seen another DVNR casualty. Cartoon Brew asks is “the new Peter Pan DVD ruined?

Illustration Friday now has a blog

Illustration Friday now has a blog. (Thanks BoingBoing)