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My Little Pony: Horror movie dress-up

Mari Kasurinen didn’t think My Little Pony was anywhere near interesting enough… so she’s modded them into movie characters like the Alien, Predator, Darth Vader and Batman. They’re also available to purchase, should your My Little Pony collection be feeling a little too cutesy. (via Boing Boing)

Tron 2 leaked trailer

Tron 2 test footage still

Update: You’ll find the new high definition test footage from Comic-Con 2009 here

The new teaser trailer/test footage for the forthcoming TR2N movie starring Jeff Bridges was shown at the San Diego Comic Con the other day. It hasn’t officially been released to the wider public yet but it looks like someone’s managed to videotape it and stick it online. I’m only slightly wetting my pants with excitement. (via The Disney Blog)

UPDATE The video I posted earlier has been pulled from Vimeo. I’ve changed it to the same video on Youtube.

MGMT’s Electric Feel performed by animatronic animals

The Rock-afire Explosion were an animatronic band comprised of anthropomorphic animals that played in Showbiz Pizza Place restaurants in the USA through the 1980s. After closing down many of these setups found their way to enthusiasts. Here’s one such setup, performing MGMT’s Electric Feel.

Perhaps even more obscurely, a documentary is currently being produced about car-salesman Chris Thrash, a guy who recently purchased the rights to Rock-afire Explosion with an aim to resurrect them and the Showbiz Pizza Place. (via Penny Arcade)

Lightspeed Champion perform Star Wars theme

Ex-Test Icicle Lightspeed Champion performed their track Galaxy of Lost Souls in full Star Wars garb at this week’s NME Awards show. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a video of it online anywhere but did instead stumble across this gem. Lightspeed Chamption performing the Imperial March and Star Wars theme. Lovely.

Update: There’s now a video of them performing at the NME Awards on YouTube. Enjoy.

Star Wars plot as described by a three-year-old

“Artoo and the shiny guy.”

“Obeekenobee sometimes moves things around. Sometimes he disappears.”

I think becoming a parent has made me go soft… but isn’t this adorable? (via Geek Parenting)

Mike Long dances every day, for you

“There aren’t enough Youtube video re-posts around here,” you say? Here’s another one.

Mike Long, a self-proclaimed “social rocktivist”, plans to perform once dance a day around the world and post each video up on YouTube for the next two years. I can’t think of a better idea. (via It’s Nice That)

Normal service will resume shortly.

FCU: Fact Checkers Unit

With Bill Murray.

David Lynch on the iPhone

“It’s such a sadness when you think you’ve seen a film in on your fucking telephone.” (via Boing Boing)

Lost in Translation whisper revealed digitallly processed the whisper between Bill Murray and Scarlet Johannsen at the end of the movie Lost in Translation in April. It’s only just being picked up by every blog and their dogs seven months later. I discovered it in the Guardian today. Spoilers lie within.

An Intermission: The Tokyo Dance Trooper

And, just in case you missed the earlier one, here he is again. And again with Dance Vader.