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The Big Round Cubatron

by Trevor May | 12th September 2006 | Art | 1 comment

Big Round Cubatron

The Big Round Cubatron: “is the world’s largest 3-dimensional full color dynamic light sculpture. It is an array of lights 40 feet in diameter and 10 feet high. It consists of 28 spokes, each of which is 24 lights wide by 9 lights high. Each light is independently controllable to display any color and brightness level and the entire display can be updated 50 times per second. There are 6048 total lights (28 * 24 * 9) made of 18,144 LEDs.”

If you didn’t make it to Burning Man in person, you can see it in action here and make it youself (if you’re rich).

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1 comment


  • LedLightRay : The Big Round Cubatron October 27th, 2006 5:13 am

    […] A small viewing tower was located to one side of the sculpture. It was built from some scaffolding two tiers high (10 ft), allowing people to view the sculpture from an eye level of around 15 feet high. check the project page for more info… posts that refer there antikewl Feild under:3D art brc cubatron dinamiclight led light light sculpture sculpture space […]

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