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Blade Runner DVD… again.

by Trevor May | 28th September 2006 | Asides Movies | 1 comment

Oh goodie! Warner have released Blade Runner! Wait, didn’t I buy this DVD seven years ago?

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1 comment


  • Grid212 September 29th, 2006 5:02 pm

    About time too, this has been one of those Amazon/ebay darlings that fetch stupid money because it was unavailable. I can’t remember why exactly but it fell into some bottomless legal hell hole that meant no one could sell it/distribute it/master it etc.
    Importantl this may well lead to a decent Special Edition of the film at long last. I think I signed some online petition many moons ago to the effect of bringing out an SE.
    There was a ‘box set’ type affair with poster, stills etc. but not a proper special edition i.e. decently re-mastered picture/sound.
    I won’t buy this now, but hopefully the SE will eventually materialise!

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