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Testing aside posts

If you can read this, then in-line “asides” now work! This means that when I want to post something which I don’t feel warrants a full article of it’s own I can class it as an “asides” category and it’ll show up like this. Thanks to this article at Photo Matt it was a lot less painful to set up than I thought!

New World Trade Center towers unveiled

New World Trade Centre Towers

Three new WTC Towers were announced yesterday to compliment the Freedom Tower. From BBC News:

“The tallest of the skyscrapers, and the last to be built, will be topped by four diamonds that will point towards the memorial park from any vantage point in the city, architects say.

Designed by Lord Foster, the diamonds will light up lower Manhattan at night.

Lord Rogers’s building will be more slender and designs show it featuring four 100ft (30m) spires – one at each corner.

Fumihiko Maki’s minimalist fourth tower will be covered in perforated aluminium, making it the lightest of the skyscrapers, according to its designer.

The landmark buildings are intended to complement Freedom Tower – which at 1,776ft (541m) is set to become the tallest building in the United States.

All building work on the site is due to be completed by 2012.”

Detailed information about the towers can be found on the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation site.

September 11: The price we’ve paid

I try to avoid politics here, but I read an interesting statistic over at The Independent today:
“In the most recent polls, the number of Americans who believe that Saddam Hussein was personally involved in the September 11 plot, which stood at 80 per cent in 2002, and 64 per cent early in 2005, has now slipped to the high twenties – roughly the same numbers, give or take a percentage point, as those of the conspiracy theorists who believe that the Bush administration planned the atrocities, or at least allowed them to happen, in order to further its imperial ambitions in the Middle East.”

Ed Benedict RIP (1912 – 2006)

Animation legend Ed Benedict, the original character designer for The Flintstones, sadly passed away on Monday, aged 94. John K has a great article over at his blog today in respect.

Update: Amid at Cartoon Brew has another nice article on Ed.