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Archive for January, 2007

Britain plans first Moon mission

Britain plans first Moon mission: To send an orbiting spacecraft which fires instruments into the lunar surface.

Cisco sues Apple over iPhone name

Cisco sues Apple over iPhone name: I wondered how long it’d take for this to happen. One day, it appears.

Wii DEATH T-shirt

Take a look at this wonderful Wii DEATH T-shirt. Proof that video games really can be dangerous for your health! (via Wonderland)

Free Classical MP3 tracks from Classic FM

Classic FM are currently offering a free 14 day trial of their music download service where you can download up to 35 MP3s for nothing.

Apple announces the iPhone


Steve Jobs has announced the development of the Apple iPhone in his Keynote speech at Macworld 2007, which incorporates:

  • 4 or 8Gb widescreen video iPod
  • Quad-band + EDGE mobile phone (no 3G)
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • 3.5 inch 480×320 160dpi touch screen
  • 802.11b/g wifi + Bluetooth

Now, I’m not particularly interested in this Apple phone as it’s won’t be released for months — if at all — in the US alone, has a sub-standard 2 megapixel camera, is locked to one network provider and has no 3G capability (this will have to be included for the European version) and too little storage space to replace my iPod as an MP3 player (quite how 4Gb is enough for a movie player I don’t know). I am, however, interested to see the new interface incorporated into a future generation iPod — one with a decent-sized hard drive storage space. I’ll also be interested to hear if any games are being developed for it; the touch screen would work wonders for many games — something the Nintendo DS has already proved.

Also announced/confirmed were Apple TV, a set-top box for streaming stuff from iTunes to your TV, the AirPort Extreme wifi base station, movies from Paramount for iTunes, some deals with Yahoo! and some other crap like a couple of new TV commercials.

More details of the keynote speech at Engadget and MacRumours.

Update: A couple of interesting comparison articles here. Kottke mocks up an iPhone out of card and compares it to other, familiar, devices for size and TNL compare some current phone specs to Apple’s offering. They use an odd choice of Nokia phone for comparison purposes, though; wouldn’t an N80 have been more appropriate?

Update 2: The curse of Apple first-generation hardware. Kottke has a run down on all the recent feedback on the interweb over the iPhone.

Sam & Max: Episode 2 hits the road

Sam & Max: Situation: Comedy is out now. But you’ve already pre-ordered it and know already, right?

Michael Barrier on Once Upon a Time… Walt Disney

I read Michael Barrier’s recently posted report on the Walt Disney exhibition in Paris last night, which suggests that many of the “sources that inspired” the Disney artists are tenuous at best. I can’t disagree with Michael on this (I found myself questioning the validity of quite a number of the comparisons) but what I got out of it far exceeded the tenuity of the suggested theme. As for the “negative message, that the artwork, and the films for which it was made, are really rather low” — maybe I was just in awe of all the artwork on display, but I really didn’t notice that at all.

Animal armour

Animal Armour: Some peculiar artwork here of armour designed for animals — cats, mice, birds… raccoons?

2006: A year in music

Broken Social Scene

Here’s my top 20 artists of 2006 according to play counts from It’s not entirely representative because it doesn’t record tracks played on my iPod, or in the lounge at home, but interesting(ish) none the less!

1 Broken Social Scene
2 Wolf Parade
3 Be Your Own Pet
3 Rilo Kiley
5 Ikara Colt
6 The Fiery Furnaces
7 Beastie Boys
8 Nada Surf
9 Interpol
10 Editors
11 The Duke Spirit
12 Buzzcocks
13 Arctic Monkeys
13 The Arcade Fire
15 Man or Astro-man?
16 Mindless Self Indulgence
17 The Jam
18 We Are Scientists
19 Boards of Canada
20 Sunset Rubdown
20 Howling Bells
20 Kings of Convenience

Meet the Real Sacha Baron Cohen

Meet the Real Sacha Baron Cohen: A great audio interview with the man behind Borat, Ali G and Bruno. What makes this especially interesting is that it’s not often you hear Sacha Baron Cohen as himself. (via PidgeonBlog)