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Archive for March, 2007

Intellivision Burger Time Commercial

They sure don’t make TV commercials like they use to. This fantastic ad was for one of my favourite games as a kid, Burger Time, on the Mattel Intellivision. “We’re closed now!”

Mark Ryden: The Tree Show

The Apology by Mark Ryden

Mark Ryden’s The Tree Show at the Michael Kohn Gallery in LA.

“Trees, like the giant sequoias, can inspire religious awe in people. Other folks see lumber. These amazing, beautiful living things took thousand of years to grow, and some people want to cut them down, the faster the better.”

“The show is about our relationship to nature,” Ryden says. “When Christianity plowed over paganism, man was seen as dominant over nature, and we lost our spiritual connection to the natural world around us.”

Disney release another butchered/remastered DVD

The current trend in digital remastering of animated classics has seen another DVNR casualty. Cartoon Brew asks is “the new Peter Pan DVD ruined?

Illustration Friday now has a blog

Illustration Friday now has a blog. (Thanks BoingBoing)

Muppet Mobile Lab video

Disney’s marvellous new autonomous audio-animatronic, the Muppet Mobile Lab, visited Pixar on another test-run. The Disney blog has a great video of it in action. You can also find some photos on Flickr.

Captain America is Dead

How did this slip past the radar? Marvel superhero Captain America died last week. The first I’d head of it was when Kotaku mentioned it in reference to an article at on Captain America in video games.

Gabe over at Penny Arcade now has a Playstation 3 and throws out some negatives and positives from his short experience with the console. Bear in mind that the EU’s PS3 is different so, hopefully, ours won’t “burn with the heat of a million suns”.

I Am 8-Bit GDC07 Preview

A preview of artwork to be shown at the I Am 8-Bit show from, oddly, this year’s Game Developers Conference. The official site is here (but empty) but you can still see some of the older ones from last time here.

Shopping the Playstation’s Online Store is Fun and Convenient

Shopping the Playstation’s Online Store is Fun and Convenient: Penny Arcade’s amusing look at Sony’s convoluted purchasing experience.

Jesus Rode a Dinosaur

Jesus Rode a Dinosaur: Fact!