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WWF Footprint Calculator

by Trevor May | 11th June 2007 | Environment Home | 1 comment

WWF Footprint Calculator

I thought I was quite good but apparently I need to do better! This WWF Ecological footprint calculator estimates that I’m living as if we had 1.68 planets to support us. They also estimate that my carbon footprint is 6.03 tonnes per annum.

Some of the statements are a bit vague though and it assumes you have a car, but it’s still an interesting little tool.

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1 comment


  • blob September 16th, 2008 2:47 pm

    I thought it was quite interesting to be given an estimate of the approximate amount of planets it would take to support me. But like stated above, the questions were a bit vague. However, it is a great eye opener, and I now see how strongly my poor actions are affecting the little bit of environment we have left, and I now see that I have to do my part by trying to become more economically efficient.

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