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Archive for June, 2008

The Onion: World of World of Warcraft

While we have a bit of a running theme of stuff I should have posted ages ago and World of Warcraft, here’s The Onion on the forthcoming World of Warcraft sequel.

‘Warcraft’ Sequel Lets Gamers Play A Character Playing ‘Warcraft’

Blizzard Announce Diablo III

While firing up World of Warcraft today for the first time in months (funnily enough to use as a chat client to see if a friend was around, not to play!) I noticed that Blizzard had announced Diablo III.

An intro trailer and all the usual bits and bobs over their site but, most interestingly, a pretty hefty introductory video to the gameplay. Rather lovely it looks too, introducing the Barbarian and Witch Doctor character classes (there’ll be three more, in both male and female flavours) it looks rather WoW-inspired — no bad thing — with lots of lovely touches like destructible scenery which can used to the player’s advantage.

And, oh yes, walls of zombies! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

American Elf daily sketchbook diary

Ok, yeah, this kind of happened a few months ago now (brace yourselves, you’re going to hear that a lot over the next few weeks!) but it’s still worth mentioning. Previously only available to paying subscribers, comic artist James Kochalka has made the archives of his wonderful daily comic journal, American Elf, free to access. That’s nine and a half years worth of sketchbook life!

They’re also available as a series of books, I have a copy of the first one which compiles the first five years and it’s a lovely big tome. The second volume, which collects 2004 and 2005, is also available and volume three will be available in November.

Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition cartoons & podcasts

First of all, apologies if you arrived here excited by the pretense of the crappy (yet oddly endearing) 1980s cartoon of the same name. Here’s something very arguably better. Adam Phillips, the guy who created the superb Bitey Castle shorts, has been commissioned to produce a number of brief animated cartoons to promote the new 4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

Episode 1: The Beholder (above)
Episode 2: The Gnome and the Teifling
Episode 3: The Mindflayer

He’s working on a fourth as I type.

Meanwhile, Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins over at Penny Arcade and Scott Kurtz from PvP have put together a podcast of, essentially, eight hours of them playing Dungeons and Dragons around a microphone. With the wrong people this really could be the dullest thing on earth but it somehow manages to remain entertaining throughout the four half-hour and a bit podcasts they’ve already put out. Stick this link into iTunes or your podcast grabber of choice: or, iTunes users, try thismore here, though you’ll need to sign up for a free account to access the pages.

They’re also doing a little strip to accompany each show.

And, oh ok… If you insist.

MUTO by Blu (and hello again!)

Oh hi… are you still here?

I’ve been a little bit more than busy recently and quite a lot of dust has settled all over the furniture here at Antikewl Daily. I’ve been such a bad blogger that I’ve sometimes found it easier to twitter cool stuff or simply email other bloggers so the cool stuff doesn’t go to waste! Here’s a great example of that. It’s an awesome animation by Italian artist Blu (thanks Edd!) and I meant to blog about it ages ago. You’ve probably seen it already by now.

Right, this is going to stop right here! From now on I pledge to post here at least twice a week. Not a massive target, granted, but I believe that if I aim low I’m bound to at least nearly hit it form time to time! You never know, I might even get around to shoving that new design up one day as well…

If you’re reading this, thanks for sticking around!

P.S. If you’re into the whole twitter thing, Antikewl Daily has a twitter feed as well.