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The art of the WALL·E end title sequence

by Trevor May | 23rd June 2009 | Animation Design Movies | 1 comment

WALL-E end titles

The Art of the Title Sequence interview end title sequence director Jim Capobianco and animator Alexander Woo about the end titles to Disney·Pixar’s WALL·E.

Jim Capobianco’s end credits to Andrew Stanton’s “WALL·E” are essential; they are the actual ending of the film, a perfect and fantastically optimistic conclusion to a grand, if imperfect idea. Humanity’s past and future evolution viewed through unspooling schools of art. Frame after frame sinks in as you smile self-consciously. It isn’t supposed to be this good but there it is. This is art in its own right. Peter Gabriel and Thomas Newman’s song, “Down to Earth” indulges you with some incredibly thoughtful lyrics and, from the Stone Age to the Impressionists to the wonderful 8-bit pixel sprites, you are in the midst of something special.

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1 comment


  • Miriam Weston March 26th, 2011 2:56 am

    Dear Sir,

    Is it possible to but a copy of a cell (original or print) of the credit artworks? If so, where can I purchase one.

    Thank you

    Miriam Weston

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