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Illustrator Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers sketchbook

With a little boy on the way I find myself checking out more and more children’s books, especially ones with interesting and quirky illustration. In Waterstones today I spotted a great book by Oliver Jeffers called “The Way Back Home” about a little boy who finds an aeroplane in his bedroom cupboard and flies to the moon, where he finds he’s not the only one that’s lost. It was a little while later, after getting back and Googling, that I realised I’d seen his work before.

Anyway, here’s his site, and an interview. Enjoy.

Chad Geran’s Rhyme Book

A page from Chad Geran’s Rhyme Book

I rather like the beginnings of a children’s Rhyme Book by Canadian illustrator/designer Chad Geran. He hasn’t got a publisher yet but, inspired by Steve Mack, he’s creating a new book spread every week or so on his blog. Go take a look and, if you’re a publisher, make him an offer! (via Drawn!)

Charley Harper, Illustrator (1922 – 2007)

Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life by Todd Oldham

I never knew him by name, but I was certainly familiar with his work. Charley Harper was most well known for his highly stylised bird, insect and wildlife illustrations, particularly for the U.S. National Parks Service.

Charley liked to say, that when he paints a bird, he doesn’t count all the feathers in the wings – he just counts the wings. Minimal realism, he called it, and his unique and precise style continues to resonate and inspire his admirers.

A new book, “Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life“, is being published next month, edited by Todd Oldham, on his six decade long career. More details can be found on the publisher’s website.

(thanks Ward)

No one belongs here more than you.

No one belongs here more than you: I really like this website for a new book by Me And You And Everyone We Know writer/director Miranda July.

Disneyland: How to Draw Goofy book

How to Draw Goofy book

Jenny at The Blackwing Diaries has a great set of scans from this 60s Disneyland book “How to Draw Goofy: A Walt Disney Character Model Guide”. I particularly like the quote from Walt Disney himself.

Part one: Cover and Walt’s quote.
Part two: Page scans.

Read “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom” for free

I’ve been meaning to read Cory Doctorow’s novel “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom” for absolutely ages but have never managed to get around to it — until now! DailyLit are offering it, for free, emailed to you in 65 regularly sent chunks so you have no excuse either! (Incidentally, and do call me an idiot, I only realised today that Cory Doctorow is the same Cory Doctorow that co-edits Boing Boing!)

Will Self walks from South London to Manhattan

I’ve never read any of his books — though I really should — but I do love Will Self. As an avid walker, Will recently walked from his South London house to Heathrow, then continued to walk from JFK to his destination hotel in Manhattan. Around 46 miles in total.

“In the post-industrial age, this is the only form of real exploration left. Anyone can go and see the Ituri pygmy, but how many people have walked all the way from the airport to the city?” (via Kottke)

Animation Blast

Animation Blast #9

It’s always a delight when fun stuff arrives in the mail, and yesterdays delivery was an unexpected treat! I’d pre-ordered a copy of Animation Blast #9 a month ago and had, for the most part, forgotten I’d done so. When I opened the package I was surprised at the size of it! 108 pages of good quality printed stock, chock full of fantastic articles and artwork.

A complete run-down on the book’s content can be found here on the website, but it includes gems such as an article on Disney’s “Tenth” Old Man, John Sibley, on Disney in the 50s, bawdy wartime cartoons, The Three Cabelleros, Korty Films and writer John Dunn.

If you’re in any way interested in cartoons or animation — or even art — history, do yourself a favour and buy a copy!

The top quality of this book, and the tantalising sneak peek over at The Blackwing Diaries, has really made me wish that I’d pre-ordered a copy of Amid’s other new book, Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in 1950s Animation, as well. It’s out of stock everywhere!

Update: Jenny has just brought to my attention Amid’s posting on the Cartoon Modern blog (I have too many blogs to read and missed this one today!). Amazon should have stock in within the next day or two and will them ship out then. So go buy that too!