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You Will: AT&T’s eerily accurate predictions of modern day technologies

In 1993, AT&T ran a number of commercials in which Tom Selleck (or someone who sounds remarkably like him) predicted the kinds of crazy things we’d later just take for granted in our everyday lives, like in-car GPS to help us navigate our way, pay road tolls without cash, TV movies on demand and so on. (thanks Will!)

If you hadn’t seen these before but thought they seemed a little familiar, it may be because Universal Studios parodied them in their Terminator 2 3D attraction pre-show video.

Sony ripping off Kozyndan?

Kozyndan vs Sony

Possibly an enormous co-incidence, but the new animated Play-Doh bunnies commercial for Sony Bravia by ad agency Fallon bears a rather remarkable resemblance to one of artist duo Kozyndan‘s earlier pieces of artwork, “What’s next, USA-chan?

It really is a beautiful commercial, but a huge shame they haven’t credited the very obvious inspiration. Bad Sony. Again.

New Vending Machine Red video

A new Vending Machine Red video has just gone up. This time he has a chance encounter while crossing the road.

Japanese Coke Machine Robot

Coke vending machine robot

I love these Japanese “Vending Machine Red!” commercials for Coca-cola featuring a mecha vending machine who wanders around town, scares off kids, looks for loose change and draws the attention of police. (via Cartoon Brew)

Update: A rough translation of the narration from Tokyomango:

Vending Machine RED—a robot that takes the form of a juice vending machine—appeared one day in the middle of town. He’s not a superhero trying to save the world, he just walks around town aimlessly. Go, Vending Machine RED!