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Animated Protest to Foie Gras at Disneyland Paris

Dutch animators Jurjen Bosklopper and Mustafa Kandaz created this wonderfully executed short in just a couple of weeks to protest the sale of Foie Gras at Disneyland Paris. Loving the backgrounds too which have a bit of an Eyvind Earle feel about them. (via Cartoon Brew)

Mars: Now with added meat

Mars – now with added rennet scraped from the lining of a new-born calf’s stomach: Mars add a bit of cow meat to Mars, Galaxy, Snickers, Twix, Maltesers, Bounty, Minstrels and Milky Way in the UK. One way of getting me to eat less chocolate, I guess.

Update: Mars have announced that they’re reverting back to the recipe without animal-based rennet but cannot guarantee that their products on the shelves don’t contain meat byproducts. Check here for details on which Mars products are suitable for vegetarians, or will be after the sell-by dates specified.

Super Mario Wedding Cake

Super Mario Wedding Cake: It’s been around before but this is the first time I’ve seen it — entirely edible too!

Orville Deadenbacher

Remember Orville Redenbacher? Yes, the popcorn guy… the one that died about ten years ago? He’s back! Well, at least a scary rubber-skinned zombie version of him is. For comparison, here’s the real one — can you tell the difference? I’m not sure what’s scarier: the ad itself or that it’s directed by David Fincher.

I Love Candy

While in town, after getting my haircut, I decided I’d go track down the “beta version” of the Brighton Cybercandy shop.

After a bit of hunting on Gloucester Road I found the little unmarked shop and ventured in.

The place may be small but the walls are literally lined with candy from all over the world. I only had a fiver left in my wallet (probably a good thing!) and as the prices are pretty high (I guess this is an International Candy Boutique after all) I was only able to grab a few things: Milk Duds, Junior Mints, to relive my vending machine snackathons while I worked in NYC, and something else hadn’t known about: Star Wars Dark Side dark chocolate Peanut M&Ms!

I really paid a premium for those babies though: £2.20 for a 93g bag of substandard chocolate-coated nuts, but with Yellow on the front tempting me with the words “Luke, I am your peanut.” how could I resist?

I’ll have to head back next weekend and try out a few of the crazy Japanese goodies.