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Apple announce the iPod touch

iPod touch and friends

Apple have just announced, as many have predicted, the iPod Touch. Basically an iPhone without the phone. It comes in 8Gb and 16Gb flavours (which is far too small a capacity for me to even consider buying — I have enough trouble with 60Gb!) and has built-in wifi for browsing the web and spending your hard-earned cash at iTunes while you wait for your delayed train (or while at their new friend Starbucks’ place). Still, it looks cool.

Also announced:

  • An all-metal 160Gb iPod classic
  • A chubby new 8 or 16Gb iPod nano (with coverflow and video playback)
  • iPod nano in new colours
  • and a cheaper 8Gb iPhone (no 4Gb, it seems)

If you want more geekery, Engadget have a hands-on with both the iPod nano and iPod touch.

Boing Boing redesign

In the unlikely event that you’ve read this article before reading Boing Boing this morning, head on over there now and check out their gorgeous new redesign. The new simplified appearance was created by my friend Jemma at Sans Nom and it now has a sister blog, Boing Boing Gadgets. Enjoy, but please come back! :)

O2 to get iPhone in the UK

O2 ‘to get iPhone contract in UK’: Not so handy for me because I’m already on the O2 network and the best phone deals always seem to go to new customers.

The Apple iPhone: Dissected

The iPhone dissected

The iPhone Dissected. Literally. You’ve just got home with a $500 state-of-the-art* mobile phone. What’s the first thing you’re going to want to do? Rip it apart! (via Boing Boing)

*[If state-of-the-art means a phone that can’t send MMS, use an MP3 for a ringtone or copy and paste text]

Update: I swear I’m not obsessed with destroying expensive gadgets! PCWorld scratch and drop-test the new Apple phone and stick the video on You Tube. Meanwhile, Daring Fireball has a thorough round-up of first impressions of the iPhone.

SoftBank Pantone cellphone

SoftBank Pantone mobile phone: A perfect gift for the design geek. (via NOTCOT)

WeFi: Wifi hotspot sharing & mapping application

WeFi map

WeFi is a new collaborative wifi mapping tool that records open wifi networks that your computer can “see” and uploads them to a central database. Anyone can then browse their website for access points anywhere in the world and see them on a Google-powered map. The ultimate goal is to “make open Wi-Fi act more like a wireless infrastructure that can compete with 3G networks, except freely created and shared by the users.”

Wonderful idea, though their site seems to think I’m in Slough. (via Boing Boing)

Brighton to Install Free City-wide Wifi

Brighton and Hove city council is considering installing a free-to-use wifi network covering the whole of central Brighton next year. Interestingly they didn’t approach Loose Connection or who already have a free wifi network covering much of the seafront. Further away from home, Mexico City is also scheduled to become one big wireless hotspot by the end of next year so soon you’ll be able to play Tetris DS anywhere you like.

Muppet Mobile Lab video

Disney’s marvellous new autonomous audio-animatronic, the Muppet Mobile Lab, visited Pixar on another test-run. The Disney blog has a great video of it in action. You can also find some photos on Flickr.

Gabe over at Penny Arcade now has a Playstation 3 and throws out some negatives and positives from his short experience with the console. Bear in mind that the EU’s PS3 is different so, hopefully, ours won’t “burn with the heat of a million suns”.

Playstation 3 UK Launch Details

The guardian reports that the PS3 will launch on the 23rd March 2007 for £425 for the 60Gb model. Ouch. The 20Gb model will be released later, depending on demand, at an unknown cost. Sony haven’t announced how many will be released to the UK but have said that one million will be shipped to the EU.