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Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition cartoons & podcasts

First of all, apologies if you arrived here excited by the pretense of the crappy (yet oddly endearing) 1980s cartoon of the same name. Here’s something very arguably better. Adam Phillips, the guy who created the superb Bitey Castle shorts, has been commissioned to produce a number of brief animated cartoons to promote the new 4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

Episode 1: The Beholder (above)
Episode 2: The Gnome and the Teifling
Episode 3: The Mindflayer

He’s working on a fourth as I type.

Meanwhile, Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins over at Penny Arcade and Scott Kurtz from PvP have put together a podcast of, essentially, eight hours of them playing Dungeons and Dragons around a microphone. With the wrong people this really could be the dullest thing on earth but it somehow manages to remain entertaining throughout the four half-hour and a bit podcasts they’ve already put out. Stick this link into iTunes or your podcast grabber of choice: or, iTunes users, try thismore here, though you’ll need to sign up for a free account to access the pages.

They’re also doing a little strip to accompany each show.

And, oh ok… If you insist.

Improv Everywhere: Frozen Grand Central

Over two hundred people freeze for five minutes inside NYC’s Grand Central station.

I didn’t give any instructions in advance. I just told everyone to be doing something realistic and not jokey. One guy dropped an entire briefcase full of papers the second before he froze, leaving his papers scattered before him for five minutes. Many froze midway through eating or drinking. A few froze while taking off a jacket. One couple froze kissing.

(via Kottke)

Mike Long dances every day, for you

“There aren’t enough Youtube video re-posts around here,” you say? Here’s another one.

Mike Long, a self-proclaimed “social rocktivist”, plans to perform once dance a day around the world and post each video up on YouTube for the next two years. I can’t think of a better idea. (via It’s Nice That)

Normal service will resume shortly.

FCU: Fact Checkers Unit

With Bill Murray.

Married to the Sea: Logo Turtle

Married to the Sea: Penpals

I love this site. A daily cartoon created from the most random archive illustrations.

An Intermission: The Tokyo Dance Trooper

And, just in case you missed the earlier one, here he is again. And again with Dance Vader.

Frost and Pegg’s Perfect Night In

I only managed to catch the last fifteen minutes of Frost and Pegg’s Perfect Night In when it aired on Channel 4 a couple of months ago but, thankfully, a selfless guy by the name of FrostituteMayo (presumably a big Nick Frost Fan) recorded and YouTubed the whole lot.

Essential viewing for anyone that grew up in the UK through the 70s and 80s. (thanks David!)

Penny Arcade on Die Hard 4.0

Penny Arcade on Die Hard 4.0: The funniest PA strip I’ve read in ages.

Curses! Dramatic Chipmunk

Unlike everyone else, I didn’t bother to blog the dramatic chipmunk video (Pedantry: it’s a prairie dog) the other week, but I thought I’d take the time to reveal it’s Japanese TV-show origin… and a Victorian-style re-imagining.

New Vending Machine Red video

A new Vending Machine Red video has just gone up. This time he has a chance encounter while crossing the road.