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Top 50 Music Videos Of 2006

DoCopenhagen has their Top 50 Music Videos Of 2006 up. All 50 are YouTubed into the one page so you can easily flick through at your leisure! There are some great videos (and music) in there.

iTunes 7: It’s a bit buggy isn’t it?

Engadget has a little article on the glitches within the newly released iTunes 7. I have, so far, only encountered a couple:

Firstly, scratchy playback. This I managed to fix by opening up Quicktime preferences and turning off safe mode, which had inexplicably turned itself on after upgrading.

Secondly, and more annoyingly, I store some of my older music tracks on an external network drive. When I used to fire up iTunes 6 with my iPod installed and had forgotten to turn the drive on, iTunes would happily skip those tracks. They’d still be listed in iTunes and on my iPod, but they just wouldn’t update. Which was all good.

Now, with v7, if I want start iTunes with my iPod connected I have to make sure I’ve started up my network drive, opened the drive in Windows Explorer and then start iTunes… or it’ll just hang using 100% CPU. I have to then force quit the application and the helper before starting it up again.

I hope they fix that bug soon!

The Waitresses: I know what boys like

For some reason I’ve had this friggin’ song in my head for weeks. The Waitresses were a bit of a one-hit wonder (two, of course, if you count Christmas Wrapping) and this video, even by the 80s standards, is pretty damn awful!