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Tick Tock Toys: Archives and galleries

Tick Tock Toys: A cavalcade of images and ideas: Just stumbled upon this old website from Dan Goodsell; he’s the guy that does the great Mr. Toast stuff. It’s a collection of all sorts of photographs of old theme parks, cartoon characters, newspaper ads, food and commercials. I didn’t realise until now that he’s the same guy that produced the Taschen “Krazy Kids’ Food” book that I have at home. (via John K)

Forgotten NY

Forgotten NY: Forgotten subway signs, advertisements, cemeteries, signs and more. Remnants of years past peeking through to today. (via Design Observer)

Space shuttle launch from the International Space Station

Shuttle launch as seen from the ISS: A superb photo, on Warren Ellis’ site, of a space shuttle launch from Earth as seen from space. (via Kottke)

Kodak: A Thousand Words

A Thousand Words: “is a place for stories from the people of Kodak. We love what we do, and we want to share our stories about imaging and its power to influence our world. We invite you to join our conversation with stories of your own.” (via Kottke)