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Game Boy-inspired screenshots of recent video games

Game Boy demakes of modern video games

Hah! Blogging! Remember that? Er, where was I…?

Recently (and by “recently” I mean “over a year ago“) Pixelation ran a little contest on their forum to see who could create Game Boy-inspired screenshots of more recent video games. The entries are fantastic — some of my favourites, World of Warcraft, Bioshock, Sam & Max and American McGee’s Alice, are above.

Go take a look if you haven’t seen them already… and if you have it was probably so long ago now that you’ve forgotten about it and should go have another look anyway!

Guitar God: The 1980s Guitar Hero!

What would have Guitar Hero been like if it were released in the early 80s? I’d imagine something very much like this! I particularly like the grating (but familiar) “game over” sound. (thanks Dave!)

The Onion: World of World of Warcraft

While we have a bit of a running theme of stuff I should have posted ages ago and World of Warcraft, here’s The Onion on the forthcoming World of Warcraft sequel.

‘Warcraft’ Sequel Lets Gamers Play A Character Playing ‘Warcraft’

Blizzard Announce Diablo III

While firing up World of Warcraft today for the first time in months (funnily enough to use as a chat client to see if a friend was around, not to play!) I noticed that Blizzard had announced Diablo III.

An intro trailer and all the usual bits and bobs over their site but, most interestingly, a pretty hefty introductory video to the gameplay. Rather lovely it looks too, introducing the Barbarian and Witch Doctor character classes (there’ll be three more, in both male and female flavours) it looks rather WoW-inspired — no bad thing — with lots of lovely touches like destructible scenery which can used to the player’s advantage.

And, oh yes, walls of zombies! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

Atari 1981 Product Catalog

Atari Video Computer System Catalog 1981

Remember Atari? They used to be good. Actually they were rather great and pretty much defined my childhood. Anyway, Kotaku do too and have uploaded a rather cool catalog of Atari stuff from 1981.

Those sure were the days…

City of Vice: Bow Street Runner

Bow Street Runner screen shot

Yezzer has been working all hours on something, but wasn’t allowed to tell me anything about it. Now that Alice has spilled the beans over at Wonderland and Kotaku are all over it I can finally check it out… and it certainly explains a few things!

Created to accompany the Channel 4 TV drama City of Vice around the beginnings of the police force in Georgian London, Bow Street Runner is a Flash-based game reminiscent of those point-and click “multi-media adventure games” like Return to Zork in the 90s. Except that it’s actually good (and on a web page instead of 5 CD-ROMs).

City 7: Toronto Conflict Half-life 2 Mod

Half-life 2: City 7 Toronto Conflict mod screenshot

City 7: Toronto Conflict
is an interesting looking mod, produced as part of the first thesis project from the Game Design program at George Brown College in Toronto, for Half-life 2.

City 7: Toronto Conflict, is an action packed Half-Life 2 mod with a variety of unique levels and game play. Explore what has become of City 7 in areas like Dundas square, Eaton Center , Mel Lastman square, St. Michael’s Hospital and TTC system under the Combine rule. This version features Gordon Freeman as the main character, stuck in Toronto due to a teleporting accident in Kleiner’s lab. Try to escape this war torn city by finding any type of teleporting technology and send him back to City 17.

Despite our small development team and short production time, we managed to get halfway to the CN tower and have already created 2-3 hours of fun and action packed game play! We want to finish this mod the way it was intended it to be, as a glimpse at what happen to a part of North American during the Combine invasion.

I’ll have to check this out at the weekend… Though I still haven’t played through Episode 2! (via Boing Boing)

Seeing as we’re on the topic of Half-life 2: Episode 2, here’s a bunch of cool stats that Valve released on the game (that I meant to write about before, but forgot). There’s some cool new stuff in there like a heat map of where players have died the most.

Mr T and Bill Shatner Tout World of Warcraft

Mr T (above) and William Shatner star in commercials for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. They really play. No, really, they do.

The iWeb Conversator Tee-shirt

iWeb Conversator Tee-shirt

Check out this absolutely awesome t-shirt from The Internet’s Penny Arcade.

We understand that with the lightning fast pace of today’s digimal world, generating the proper Internet truncation can be a difficult process. Everything is moving so quickly and you’re not even sure what they’re even talking about. You thought everyone was talking Portal, and now it’s all pictures of cats. With the power of our iWeb Conversator, you need not fear. Any response you select will be absolutely appropriate in every circumstance.


Halloween Bioshock Big Daddy / Little Sister costumes

Awesome Big Daddy and Little Sister Halloween costumes

I had a Halloween post all ready but never got around to posting it. I guess it’s a bit late now so I’ll have to save it for next year. C’est la vie.

This, however, I do have to share. Friends of a friend of a friend (yeah, we’re that close) created (and dressed up as) a Big Daddy and Little Sister from the Bioshock. Amusingly, the costumes are better than the ones at the games own launch event! (Thanks to See-ming for the tip!)

More Bioshock Halloween costumes on Cult of Rapture.

Update: Forgot to link the “making-of” set.

Update 2: Another video of a dad and his kids playing Big Daddy and Little Sisters. “no little sisters were harvested in the making of this video or when walking rapture looking for treats” (via Wonderland).