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Sony starts PS3 Playstation Network ID registration

by Trevor May | 18th December 2006 | Asides Video games | 1 comment

If you’re thinking of getting a vastly overpriced games console in the near future, or just fancy grabbing one of the very few things Sony offer for free, why not register your Playstation(R)Network ID now? You’ll need one of these when you get your Playstation3. (via The Guardian)

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1 comment


  • Big Brother February 17th, 2009 7:50 pm

    to whoever that can solve my problem,

    just bought my new ps3 with free bundle of four games namely Grand turismo 5 prologue, ratchet & clank, the last guy & super stardust HD. all the games as downloaded have an error and not one single game was downloaded. can some body tell me what to do, please?

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