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Archive for December, 2006

Nike+ iPod without the Nike running shoes

Have you been wanting to race against (and generally gloat about how much fitter you are than) your friends, but don’t have a pair of those expensive Nike running shoes with the hole in the bottom? Fear not, SwitchEasy have introduced the RunAway AnyShoe Adaptor for just 6 quid. You’ll still need to bring your own iPod Nano and Nike+ kit though.

The 10 Gadgets that Changed the World

The 10 Gadgets that Changed the World: “The wheel. The plow. The gun. The electric light. The radio. The chip. The untidy march of human ingenuity and innovation has led you here, to our list of the 10 most life-altering devices of the modern era.”

No such thing as bad press? Sony says no.

Looks like Sony is trying to put to bed the old adage of “there’s no such thing as bad press” with their recent, and ill-advised, guerilla ad campaign. What happened to the Sony of old? Didn’t they used to be good? Maybe not.

UPDATE: Sony deleted the video from YouTube but, in case you missed it and want to bask in its sheer awfulness, it’s been reposted by another member. How kind.

DigiGuide Lite as a movie guide


I’ve been using the DigiGuide TV guide software for years and was about to download install it on the, less capable, PC in the lounge to let me know what movies are showing on TV in the evening when I get home from work when I noticed they now had something called DigiGuide Lite.

Digiguide Lite is an application which lives in the system tray and updates automatically to show what’s on TV in the UK, regionally adjusted, over the next few hours. One of the best features, for me at least, is the ability to filter shows by type. This means that I can see when I get home from work, at a glance, what movies are on TV that evening. Perfect! The best part? It’s free!

Premier’s 20 Most Overrated films

Premier Magazine’s 20 Most Overrated Movies of All Time. Not sure I agree with a lot of these, but how can I refuse yet *another* list…

Top 50 Music Videos Of 2006

DoCopenhagen has their Top 50 Music Videos Of 2006 up. All 50 are YouTubed into the one page so you can easily flick through at your leisure! There are some great videos (and music) in there.

Think your gaming keyboard has enough buttons?

So you think your PC gaming keyboard has enough buttons? Think again!

What code DOESN’T do in real life (that it does in the movies)

What code DOESN’T do in real life (that it does in the movies): “10. Most code is not inherently cross platform
Remember in Independence Day when whatshisface-math-guy writes a virus that works on both his apple laptop AND an alien mothership? Bullshit!
If real life were like film I’d be able to port wordpress to my toaster using a cat5 cable and a bag of glitter.”
(via BoingBoing)

Will Self walks from South London to Manhattan

I’ve never read any of his books — though I really should — but I do love Will Self. As an avid walker, Will recently walked from his South London house to Heathrow, then continued to walk from JFK to his destination hotel in Manhattan. Around 46 miles in total.

“In the post-industrial age, this is the only form of real exploration left. Anyone can go and see the Ituri pygmy, but how many people have walked all the way from the airport to the city?” (via Kottke)

Apple video game console ‘a distinct possibility’

An Apple video game console? ‘A distinct possibility’, apparently.