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UK buys a lot of crap games in 2006

The UK buys a hell of a lot of crap games, according to Voodoo Extreme in their list of top 10 purchases of 2006.

Britain plans first Moon mission

Britain plans first Moon mission: To send an orbiting spacecraft which fires instruments into the lunar surface.

Cisco sues Apple over iPhone name

Cisco sues Apple over iPhone name: I wondered how long it’d take for this to happen. One day, it appears.

Wii DEATH T-shirt

Take a look at this wonderful Wii DEATH T-shirt. Proof that video games really can be dangerous for your health! (via Wonderland)

Free Classical MP3 tracks from Classic FM

Classic FM are currently offering a free 14 day trial of their music download service where you can download up to 35 MP3s for nothing.

Sam & Max: Episode 2 hits the road

Sam & Max: Situation: Comedy is out now. But you’ve already pre-ordered it and know already, right?

Michael Barrier on Once Upon a Time… Walt Disney

I read Michael Barrier’s recently posted report on the Walt Disney exhibition in Paris last night, which suggests that many of the “sources that inspired” the Disney artists are tenuous at best. I can’t disagree with Michael on this (I found myself questioning the validity of quite a number of the comparisons) but what I got out of it far exceeded the tenuity of the suggested theme. As for the “negative message, that the artwork, and the films for which it was made, are really rather low” — maybe I was just in awe of all the artwork on display, but I really didn’t notice that at all.

Animal armour

Animal Armour: Some peculiar artwork here of armour designed for animals — cats, mice, birds… raccoons?

Meet the Real Sacha Baron Cohen

Meet the Real Sacha Baron Cohen: A great audio interview with the man behind Borat, Ali G and Bruno. What makes this especially interesting is that it’s not often you hear Sacha Baron Cohen as himself. (via PidgeonBlog)

Computer games rot the brain

Boris Johnson, the lovable buffoon, attacks computer games in his recent blog, citing them as having a “catastrophic effect … on the literacy and the prospects of young males”. Nothing like a sweeping, hysterical, generalisation from a politician to start off the new year. (via Voodoo Extreme)