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Tick Tock Toys: Archives and galleries

Tick Tock Toys: A cavalcade of images and ideas: Just stumbled upon this old website from Dan Goodsell; he’s the guy that does the great Mr. Toast stuff. It’s a collection of all sorts of photographs of old theme parks, cartoon characters, newspaper ads, food and commercials. I didn’t realise until now that he’s the same guy that produced the Taschen “Krazy Kids’ Food” book that I have at home. (via John K)

Strange Maps

Strange Maps: A fantastic site collating odd maps (fictional and real) from all over the place. Some of my favourites include a tourist map of Batman’s Gotham, British war propoganda “Nazi War Aims“, Star Wars’ Tatooine and Manhattan 2.0. (via Kottke)

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Best Selling Pokemon Title, Ever!

Nintendo has announced that Pokemon Diamond & Pearl is the best selling title in Pokemon history in Japan, selling over 5 million units in less than three months. The game(s) is released in the US in April and Europe shortly afterwards.

“encent my wapon” tee

World of Warcraft dorks will love this t-shirt Wonderland’s Jen got this Christmas. Happy Winter’s Veil!

Some fantastic stuff at Stuff from the Parks

Classic Disneyland fans are going to love the Stuff from the Parks blog. Over the past few days they’re put up a huge amount of fantastic stuff, including photos of Walt Disney and storyboards from the Submarine Voyage, Nature’s Wonderland models, Matterhorn models and retro Christmas parade shots.

Selling the Wii: Tupperware Style

Selling the Wii: Tupperware Style: Nintendo uses “alpha moms” to target non-gamers. (via Kotaku)

Antikewl Daily on MySpace

Antikewl Daily on MySpace: I set up an account for Antikewl Daily on MySpace a short while ago. If you’re a MySpace user, feel free to befriend it.

Tokyo DisneySea’s Tower of Terror

Tokyo DisneySea’s Tower of Terror: The Japanese version of the Disney attraction Twilight Zone “Tower of Terror” opened in September at Tokyo DisneySea in Japan, but I didn’t realise that it had it’s own site. I can’t read Japanese in any form but the site is incredibly atmospheric and portrays the plot visually so you should have no problem following along. Dropping the Twilight Zone references for this version, the attraction is based around an eccentric billionaire who disappears one night taking the elevator back to his quarters after taking a mysterious idol of the trickster African Spirit, Shiriki Utundu.

Wii Sports in a movie theatre

As if being lucky enough to just own a Wii right now wasn’t enough… check out what programmer Jon Peck and his friends did: Played Wii Sports at a local movie theatre!

Animated animation roughs

Some fantastic short animated roughs here from animators including Marc Davis, Milt Kahl, Ollie Johnson and Glen Keane.