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Sexual consent

A superb short film. Sexual Consent, by Thank You For Smoking director Jason Reitman. Co-incidentally, Jason is the son of Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman.

Alien loves Predator

Alien Loves Predator: It’s been around since 2004, but I’ve only just discovered it. A fantastic little comic strip made with Alien and Predator toys who live in New York City. Hilarious for fans of the movies, or anyone that’s been to NYC.

Maurice Devereaux’s PMS Survival Tips

Don’t worry gentlemen, the Government is on hand to tell you what to do in the event of an emergency situation!

While you’re watching YouTube junk, be sure to check out this awesome Bollywood version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

UPDATE: I’ve just realised that Grid212 beat me with this one!

Fear of flying

This little gem couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time: I’m flying tomorrow. What in-flight announcements would sound like if they were truthful:

We appreciate that you have a choice of airlines and we thank you for choosing Veritas, a member of an incomprehensible alliance of obscure foreign outfits, most of which you have never heard of. Cabin crew, please make sure we have remembered to close the doors. Sorry, I mean: ‘Doors to automatic and cross-check’. Thank you for flying Veritas.”

(via BoingBoing)

How to destroy the earth

How to destroy the earth: “Destroying the Earth is harder than you may have been led to believe.” (via Pixelsurgeon)

The Ultimate Blog Post

The Ultimate Blog Post: “you’d be surprised how many people are fascinated to hear you have a blog and want to know more, especially if you were expecting the number to be greater than zero.”

Banksy at Disneyland

Banksy at Disneyland: Only one artist could possibly get away with placing an installation of a Guantanamo Bay prisoner beside the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

One Million Ways to Die

One Million Ways to Die: your appendix is more likely to kill you than al-Qaida is.

Overheard in New York

Overheard in New York: “Yeah, it made fun of Hitler, but it was in, like, a positive way.”