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UK buys a lot of crap games in 2006

The UK buys a hell of a lot of crap games, according to Voodoo Extreme in their list of top 10 purchases of 2006.

Wii DEATH T-shirt

Take a look at this wonderful Wii DEATH T-shirt. Proof that video games really can be dangerous for your health! (via Wonderland)

Sam & Max: Episode 2 hits the road

Sam & Max: Situation: Comedy is out now. But you’ve already pre-ordered it and know already, right?

Computer games rot the brain

Boris Johnson, the lovable buffoon, attacks computer games in his recent blog, citing them as having a “catastrophic effect … on the literacy and the prospects of young males”. Nothing like a sweeping, hysterical, generalisation from a politician to start off the new year. (via Voodoo Extreme)

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Best Selling Pokemon Title, Ever!

Nintendo has announced that Pokemon Diamond & Pearl is the best selling title in Pokemon history in Japan, selling over 5 million units in less than three months. The game(s) is released in the US in April and Europe shortly afterwards.

“encent my wapon” tee

World of Warcraft dorks will love this t-shirt Wonderland’s Jen got this Christmas. Happy Winter’s Veil!

Selling the Wii: Tupperware Style

Selling the Wii: Tupperware Style: Nintendo uses “alpha moms” to target non-gamers. (via Kotaku)

Wii Sports in a movie theatre

As if being lucky enough to just own a Wii right now wasn’t enough… check out what programmer Jon Peck and his friends did: Played Wii Sports at a local movie theatre!

The Perils of Christmas Wii Shopping

CNNMoney warns of the perils of shopping for the Nintendo Wii at Christmas:

While paying at the register, the man handling the Wii’s said very loudly to the line full of people still waiting, “Sorry folks, that’s it. There’s no more for today.” Instantly I started hearing groans and seeing other disappointing gestures. It was then that I realized the position I was in…here I was in line with all these tense guys who didn’t get a game system and I did. All at once, I felt their angry, jealous eyes shift focus to me. To them, I was an easy target.

(via Voodoo Extreme)

Sony starts PS3 Playstation Network ID registration

If you’re thinking of getting a vastly overpriced games console in the near future, or just fancy grabbing one of the very few things Sony offer for free, why not register your Playstation(R)Network ID now? You’ll need one of these when you get your Playstation3. (via The Guardian)