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Archive for August, 2005

Mozilla Bookmarks Synchronizer

I use a whole array of computers to browse the web but was often driven mad knowing that I’d bookmarked something on one computer but wasn’t able to recall it on another. I just wanted a solution where I could automatically synchronise bookmarks between them. I also wanted a solution where the bookmarks weren’t public or stored on someone else’s server.

Here’s the answer, providing you’re using Firefox of course: the Bookmarks Synchroniser Extension. I’ve set it up so that it automagically synchronises with an xbel file on my server via FTP when I either open or close Firefox on any of my machines.

No more hunting for bookmarks!

I Love Candy

While in town, after getting my haircut, I decided I’d go track down the “beta version” of the Brighton Cybercandy shop.

After a bit of hunting on Gloucester Road I found the little unmarked shop and ventured in.

The place may be small but the walls are literally lined with candy from all over the world. I only had a fiver left in my wallet (probably a good thing!) and as the prices are pretty high (I guess this is an International Candy Boutique after all) I was only able to grab a few things: Milk Duds, Junior Mints, to relive my vending machine snackathons while I worked in NYC, and something else hadn’t known about: Star Wars Dark Side dark chocolate Peanut M&Ms!

I really paid a premium for those babies though: £2.20 for a 93g bag of substandard chocolate-coated nuts, but with Yellow on the front tempting me with the words “Luke, I am your peanut.” how could I resist?

I’ll have to head back next weekend and try out a few of the crazy Japanese goodies.

iPod 2.0

I’ve just picked up my new 60Gb iPod (nee “iPod Photo”). I have a 40Gb generation 4 iPod already but as it’s over a year old now, rapidly filling itself up with music, podcasts and data… oh, and because I’m a gadget geek… I decided to upgrade.

I’m pretty impressed with it so far though I can’t help but notice that every time Apple release a new iPod they bundle less and less stuff with it. Only one USB cable and no firewire means I can’t leave one plugged into my computer at home attached to the dock, and carry one around with me. An extra one will set me back £15. Talking of docks: they don’t include one of these anymore, so that’s another £25 spend. Oh, and unlike the iPod Photo, the new iPod doesn’t come with an AV cable; that’ll be £15 to you.

I could go on about how cack the headphones are (this time they’re not even getting unwrapped!) and how anyone with any sense should just go out and get a pair of Sony MDR-EX71SL (unless you have the cash for some Etymotics!) relatively inexpensive for the quality of sound they produce. They sit right inside your ear so do take some getting used to.

Anyway, my point is that the £299 price tag isn’t really £299 at all, but rather £339. £354 if you want to display your photos on TV.

I’m now waiting for the wireless version of this guy, the “Mighty Mouse”. I love the look of it, but I just refuse to go back to using a wired mouse; this isn’t 1999!

“Are video games breeding evil?”

After the dribbly ridiculous over-hype of the now infamous “Hot Coffee” mod:

“Cohen ‘bought a 17+ recommended game for her teenage grandson, featuring car theft, shootings, muggings, cop-killing, prostitution and plenty more, but now wants compensation because it also turned out to feature badly animated dry humping, which could be unlocked only by deliberately downloading a patch off the internet'”

Are video games breeding evil? Erm, no.

“Like rock and roll in the 1950s, games have been accepted by the young and largely rejected by the old. Once the young are old, and the old are dead, games will be regarded as just another medium and the debate will have moved on. Critics of gaming do not just have the facts against them; they have history against them, too.”