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Mozilla Bookmarks Synchronizer

by Trevor May | 9th August 2005 | Software | 1 comment

I use a whole array of computers to browse the web but was often driven mad knowing that I’d bookmarked something on one computer but wasn’t able to recall it on another. I just wanted a solution where I could automatically synchronise bookmarks between them. I also wanted a solution where the bookmarks weren’t public or stored on someone else’s server.

Here’s the answer, providing you’re using Firefox of course: the Bookmarks Synchroniser Extension. I’ve set it up so that it automagically synchronises with an xbel file on my server via FTP when I either open or close Firefox on any of my machines.

No more hunting for bookmarks!

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1 comment


  • Joseph Campbell July 28th, 2008 12:18 am

    I want to know more about the syncronizer. I have to do a complete recovery of my computer and I would like to have everything in my bookmarks backed up the easy way.

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