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Pluto no longer a ‘planet’

by Trevor May | 24th August 2006 | Miscellany | Comment on this

Millions of books, planetariums and children’s mobiles across the world today become obsolete as Pluto is demoted to ‘big floaty rock thing’ along with Ceres and UB313.

What would Gustav Holst say? Will there now be two versions of his orchestral suite?*

* It turns out that he wouldn’t have said anything as he died before Pluto was discovered. Even the Pluto part of the suite is actually just the end bit of Neptune.

Update: Kottke’s doing a cool contest to find the best (new 8 planet or old-skool 9 planet) mnemonic, e.g. Man, very erroneous! Moronic jerks shouldn’t uninclude neat Pluto.

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