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Kermode on Meet the Robinsons

by Trevor May | 3rd April 2007 | Animation Disney Movies | Comment on this

Meet the Robinsons

I’m a great fan of the film critic Mark Kermode and, for the most part, respect his judgement, however I did have to cringe while hearing him review the Disney (not Pixar) flick Meet the Robinsons in his latest podcast straight after reading the comments on this blog entry at Blackwing Diaries — yes, he mentions the “seven writers”. As Jenny says, it’s not unusual for many storyboard artists to be involved in “writing” a film, what is unusual is that they get all their deserved credit at the beginning of the film.

To his credit the rest of the review sounded quite fair. He also brought to my attention the “3-D glasses” version of the movie — after seeing what Disney can do with Mickey’s Philharmagic I’d really love to see that!

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