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Los Angeles in Photographs, 1920-1990

by Trevor May | 14th May 2007 | Animation Disney Photography | Comment on this

Walt Disney with some Pirates of the Caribbean heads

I haven’t had a chance to post anything for a while so I’m catching up a a bit here. Originally mentioned by Blackwing Diaries, the UCLA’s Department of Special Collections unveiled a new website with 5,100 images from the archives of the LA Times and the Los Angeles Daily News.

Cartoon Brew has been rooting through the archives and has come up with a load of interesting photos of Disneyland, Walt Disney Studios (the strikes, and the never very camera-shy Ward Kimball), Bill Peet and many more that haven’t been seen for a very long time. Enjoy.

Update: Boing Boing has also been on a photo hunt and come up a whole new array of goodies.

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