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Archive for July, 2007

Facebook Friend Wheel


It’s been over a week since I posted anything? Doesn’t time fly when you’re trying to do two full-time jobs at once?!

Anyway, I just stumbled upon this fantastic Facebook App. I’m a big fan of technicolor visual representations of stuff and this makes just that out of my friends — at least the ones that are on Facebook anyway. What was most interesting to me was to see how segregated my friends are — different groups of friends had never met or been involved with other groups.

If you’re signed into Facebook, go to the Friend Wheel app page to check it out for yourself. (via Aleks‘ Flickr stream)

Turn your home into Adventureland

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

Is your home lacking a certain… Disneyland-style tiki-ness? Help is at hand. How to turn your home into Adventureland.

Frost and Pegg’s Perfect Night In

I only managed to catch the last fifteen minutes of Frost and Pegg’s Perfect Night In when it aired on Channel 4 a couple of months ago but, thankfully, a selfless guy by the name of FrostituteMayo (presumably a big Nick Frost Fan) recorded and YouTubed the whole lot.

Essential viewing for anyone that grew up in the UK through the 70s and 80s. (thanks David!)

Penny Arcade on Die Hard 4.0

Penny Arcade on Die Hard 4.0: The funniest PA strip I’ve read in ages.

Pac-man T-shirts

Pac-Man and ghost t-shirts

I want both of these retro Pac-Man T-shirts! Distressed Pac-Man and Power Pellet Ghost, from (via Wonderland, again, how does Alice find all this cool stuff?!)

Chore Wars

Chore Wars: Before, you could only earn XP from slaying demons and surfing the web. Now you can earn XP by doing your chores. (via Wonderland)

Antikewl Daily downtime

Apologies if you tried to dropped by to read the wonderful postings earlier. Antikewl Daily‘s web host, Dreamhost, were performing a routine server transfer… but cocked it up. This site, and many others, didn’t come back online until a short while ago.

I still can’t access my email.

If anyone has a suggestion for a good, reliable, inexpensive web host, please let me know!

Chad Geran’s Rhyme Book

A page from Chad Geran’s Rhyme Book

I rather like the beginnings of a children’s Rhyme Book by Canadian illustrator/designer Chad Geran. He hasn’t got a publisher yet but, inspired by Steve Mack, he’s creating a new book spread every week or so on his blog. Go take a look and, if you’re a publisher, make him an offer! (via Drawn!)

Second Life while you “work”

AjaxLife: British student Katharine Berry has created an in-browser AJAX application that allows you to log into Second Life, sans graphics, to chat and teleport around. (via Wonderland)

Miniature cats

Miniature cats: Like humans, cats can also exhibit forms of dwarfism. (thanks Gary)