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Lost in Translation whisper revealed

by Trevor May | 29th December 2007 | Movies | 1 comment digitallly processed the whisper between Bill Murray and Scarlet Johannsen at the end of the movie Lost in Translation in April. It’s only just being picked up by every blog and their dogs seven months later. I discovered it in the Guardian today. Spoilers lie within.

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1 comment


  • gbj October 13th, 2008 11:09 pm

    I think it’s fairly ambiguous but it’s still an ‘I’ll call you’ kind of line, at least that’s how I think most people would take it.
    If you liked this movie and bought into their relationship, you most likely would like to think Bob and Charlotte got together again at some point, when they’re both back in the States.
    No harm done revealing it… I don’t think any differently about the movie or the ending.

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