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Problem removing Feedflare ads after merge with Google

by Trevor May | 23rd March 2009 | Miscellany | Comment on this

Taking a break from the usual posting of cartoons, disneyland and video games, I’ve run into a bit of a dilemma with this blog. As I’m not having much luck exploring the more official channels I thought I’d attempt one last cry for help using the very medium that causes me so many sleepless nights!

Ok, perhaps a little over the top but my problem is this:

feedflare ad problem

I can’t get rid of those ads!

I’ve been using Feedburner’s FeedFlare to add some useful links to the bottom of each blog post but something appears to have gone wrong when I merged my Feedburner account with my Google (and, consequently, Google Adsense) account. The ad doesn’t seem to be connected to my Google Adsense account and there’s no way to change it from within my Feedburner account.

Also, because Feedburner support seems to have disappeared when Google ate them up, I’m unable to get any support! I’ve tried the forums and tried emailing them direct but have no confidence that I’m ever going to get this resolved. That leaves me with a couple of options:

  1. Hope that Google one day respond to one of my support requests (very unlikely!), that, miraculously, someone from Google read this and responds or that someone who reads this knows someone from Google that can help.
  2. I ditch FeedFlare completely and find an alternative.
  3. I create an entirely new Feedburner account and start from scratch.

Anyone got any suggestions? Do get in touch, either by email or by leaving a comment below.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Update: Google dropped me an email last night with a request for further information. Hopefully on the road to getting this fixed!

Update 2: No further contact from Google yet so I’ve removed FeedFlare and rolled my own “share” links.

Update 3: Fixed! They’re back. They really should update “” to “delicious” though…

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