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Exploration of the Digital Comic Book

by Trevor May | 2nd April 2009 | Comic books Illustration | 1 comment

About Digital Comics

Inspired by comic artist and theorist Scott McCloud, French artist Yves Bigerel visually demonstrates how he believes online comics have the scope to be something much more than just reproductions of their paper-based counterparts. Freed from the limitations of print digital comics offer a greater control over the pacing of sequential storytelling; control Yves believes hasn’t yet been fully explored.

He follows this up with a second exploration, imaginatively entitled “About About Digital Comics“. (via Steve)

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1 comment


  • Edd April 2nd, 2009 9:04 pm

    Really interesting! Esp since i seem to be reading alot of TBP’s and drawing a bit lately.
    expanding on the idea of this though.. you could do it very easily with slide share or somthing similar, no need to roll your own flash player for it.

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