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Halloween Papercraft Big Head costume

by Trevor May | 6th November 2009 | Art Clothing Craft Video games | 1 comment

Eric Testroete's Papercraft Head

I’m going to make this a tradition. Each year I’ll pick out the best Halloween costume and post it up here. A couple of years ago I featured these fantastic Bioshock costumes — and they’re still one of the post popular things on this site.

This time it’s another videogame inspired creation. 3D game artist Eric Testroete has recreated his own head using Pepakura, 3D Studio Max and copy of Photoshop in the style of those Playstation-era video game characters in “big head mode”.

The emotionless expression is also very slightly unnerving.

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1 comment


  • Kotaro September 15th, 2010 11:09 am

    That’s interesting, German artist Marteria also makes his head’s huge pixel version a major prop of his current album promotion artwork. Have a look at this:

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