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Turn your home into Adventureland

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

Is your home lacking a certain… Disneyland-style tiki-ness? Help is at hand. How to turn your home into Adventureland.

WWF Footprint Calculator

WWF Footprint Calculator

I thought I was quite good but apparently I need to do better! This WWF Ecological footprint calculator estimates that I’m living as if we had 1.68 planets to support us. They also estimate that my carbon footprint is 6.03 tonnes per annum.

Some of the statements are a bit vague though and it assumes you have a car, but it’s still an interesting little tool.

Tetris Kids furniture

Tetris furniture for kids.

Turn your office wall into a garden

Plantwall from Green Fortune is a new way of integrating greenery in public spaces. Fantastic, I want one!