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Archive for June, 2007

Steve Purcell’s Monkey Island concept art

Steve Purcel Monkey Island concept artwork

There are a whole bunch of rumours about a new Monkey Island game flying around that almost definitely aren’t true. Probably. Either way, here’s some fantastic concept artwork by Steve Purcell.

Munich 1972 = Good, London 2012 = Bad

Munich 1972

After forgetting about the new London 2012 Olympics logo for a week I stumbled upon this post at Design Observer. I did love that Sun headline. Anyway, to try to forget this “cool” new rave identity (at least until it gets plastered over every billboard in town) I decided to do a little search for one of my favourite Olympics identities of the past: Otl Aicher‘s work for Munich 1972.

Here’s what I found:

72 Exhibition
1972 Munich Design Report Flickr set
1972 Munich Olympics Flickr set
Otl Aitcher and the Munich Olympiad Flickr set
Otl Aicher: Utilitarian Design

Forklift Driver Klaus: The First Day on the Job

It seems that I’ve found the original inspiration for this fantastic German comedy-horror short “Forklift Driver Klaus” (video above — Caution: Contains simulated gore) at Boing Boing.

Shake Hands with Danger” is a 1970s short film about safe Caterpillar tractor operation.

Apple reveals Windows Safari web browser beta

Apple launches Windows Safari beta

WWF Footprint Calculator

WWF Footprint Calculator

I thought I was quite good but apparently I need to do better! This WWF Ecological footprint calculator estimates that I’m living as if we had 1.68 planets to support us. They also estimate that my carbon footprint is 6.03 tonnes per annum.

Some of the statements are a bit vague though and it assumes you have a car, but it’s still an interesting little tool.

Bloggers Choice Awards – vote for Antikewl Daily!

My site was nominated for Best Pop Culture Blog! My site was nominated for Best Entertainment Blog! My site was nominated for Best Blog About Stuff!

Probably not the best time to ask for people to nominate this blog for an award when we haven’t posted anything for a couple of weeks — but please do! We’re up for nomination for Best Entertainment Blog, Best Blog about Stuff and Best Pop Culture Blog.

Be sure to vote for your other favourites while you’re there too!

Oh, and I’ll promise I’ll write more from now on. Actually, I’m going to pledge right now that I’ll post at least seven posts per week. Feel free to kick me if I don’t!

Inspiration behind the Olympic 2010 Logo

James at Rehabdesign reveals the original inspiration behind the London 2012 Olympics logo.